Challenges Of Ferry traveling in BC

What a week, this weeks blog is coming to you from the car deck of the BC ferries vessel it is 10:45 at night. Normally my blog is scheduled and I’m in bed by now.

My world has been a whirlwind. Our place went on the market today. Hoping it sells in a timely manner.

From the internet not sure who the credit goes to.

With selling our place there will be some challenges we are moving to Vancouver Island.

The last months many ferries have canceled sailing due to staffing shortages. In our traveling back and forth, we have suffered the long waits due to more than one ferry not being able to run. 

Photo by me taken in May 2022

It is very hard on staff to be short staffed it affect the safety of all saling.  

They are offering hiring packages to encourage people to get employed with BC ferries.

Have you been on a ferry? Did you enjoy the sailing? Hope your week holds positivity.

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