Health complications to be aware of in the heat

In my years in alternative health I have seen and dealt with many health conditions. Do you think about how yours or others you know medical conditions are altered in the heat? What precautions should be taken to stay in the best health.

Mental health reactions in everyone can be influenced when you turn the heat up in areas that are not hot normally. Our brain function changes when we are too hot. It is like when you have a fever. 

Also people who take medication for mental health and many other conditions can have side effects. Either from the way the body processes the medication or from photosensitive reactions. 

Ways to help, if you take any medications over the counter or prescribed please read the labels or ask your pharmacist. Here is a list of medications that might be affected by environmental heat

Stay hydrated with broths, unsweetened herbal teas, and water. Fruits with higher water content and vegetables like cucumber. You can have fruit if you’re a diabetic. You just need to be mindful of how much you have in a serving.

People with high blood pressure can get dizzy and dehydrated if they are on medication like water pills. Keeping your heart safer in the heat You can aid by cooling your pressure points by soaking your wrists or feet in cold water, put a wet towel or neck cooler around the neck or feet and drink more fluids. Stay in a cool place. Tips on cooling your feet.

Anyone with a cardiac condition can be at higher risk of strokes and heart attacks, Many of the medications dehydrate you or cause contraindications for hearts that are struggling. 

Diabetics please watch your blood sugars in the heat, check them very regularly. Eat small protein dense snacks even if you feel overheated. I suggest hard boiled eggs. Keep your insulin in a cooler pack, if it gets to warm it can wreck you medicine.

See if your area has cooling stations. Malls often have air conditioning I would recommend not walking there if it is really hot out. Try to avoid midday sun. From noon to about three in the afternoon is often the hottest.

In extreme heat weather you have a medical condition or not. Be mindful of exercising at the hottest time of the day. You can try getting up early. Take in enough electrolytes. 

I’m blessed to have been loaned ac units, so I’m not dealing with the side effects in the house, my doctor changed one of my meds that was giving me problems in the heat. stay cool and safe. If you have any ill effects in the heat please talk to you practitioner. Take care till next blog.

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