Life updates

If you have been following my blog for sometime, you may know we are in the process of relocating. Our townhome sold! That is quite the process. You need to get your home ready to make it like a show home. How does one do that when they have a “Bob’s Burgers family couch” Well you put a sheet of the same colour over the well loved parts. It is family after all! You might need to get a bigger beverage for todays read.

Bob’s Burger’s, their smelly old, tattered couch that they where going to put out on the curb.
The Mom was like but it is family!

Now you have done all this fussying up of your home, you call a realtor and sign some papers, and then the realtor works some magic and voila your home is on display! We chose to not be at the home when it was being shown. So we traveled to some of the areas we might want to live and were there for 3 weeks. One week we were watching a friend’s home and pet. The next week was spent in a one bedroom basement suite. With 3 adults, one worked from home at the makeshift office, the other was at their computer doing their things for their job, then there was me working quietly around both of them in this tiny space. I was making most of the meals and trying to keep the space clean till my weekend shifts at work. 

The realtor called and was like we have an offer after about 13 or so showings. We had less than 5 hours to read over the offer and decide if we were happy. More paperwork this time we did it all on line with electronic signatures, boy did that break my already overloaded brain. I was so upset that it looked nothing like my signature. Took my partner a bunch of time to get me calm and back in my brain. So then the people that made the offer were happy and signed their copies.

Cupcakes Sold signs

At this point there is a part in the contract that gives the buyer time to get their finances done and gives us time to do anything we need to in our part of the agreement. Lucky us (sarcastic looking faces) when they had their home inspections, the inspector found a small drip behind the upstairs toilet. They first were like you must change the toilet, we let them know we would get a plumber in and do what they recommend. We out of good faith changed the shut off valve after the plumber found there were no problems (we suspect the water found by the inspector was caused by condensation). I’m like this is old and can drip a bit when turned on. So we did our part, their bank did what was needed and 12 days later the subjects were removed and those folks gear up for being in a new home September 10, 2022!

This is the old shut off, looks bad but was not leaking

The next part of the adventure, time for us to look for our place. They said oh, “This is the fun part”. It was anything less than fun. 

The first home had Glade scented plug-ins. My weird chemical sensitivities went into overdrive. I lost my voice, had raspy breathing and had a headache that got worse. I had my clipboard trying to take notes and photos while having homeopathic allergy medicine. Looking like a nice place though watery eyes and shallow breathing.. Oh the joys of finding a non vacant home. 

A cartoon illustration of a home for sale looking scared. (This is what house searching feels like.)

House 2 smelled like dogs that had bladder problems and it was small and dark.. I’m starting to lose hope.. I was already not sure about the home due to not being easy to access for people with mobility issues. I have problems with stairs and so do other friends and family.. 

At this point in the game I’m sure I made the worst decision to sell. Too late now you are homeless. 

I’m thinking this can’t get worse. House three smokers that smoke in the home.. My head is pounding and my lips are getting tingling and numb then sudden dizziness, this is the reaction I have when there is mold. I was ready to crawl in a hole and die. Partly embarrassment and partly due to how this was making my body react in front of our realtor who barely knows us. Good impression.

Day one over, looking back I love the first home but made a deal to see all the homes on the list.

Day two, going better with no reactions. I felt like Goldlocks and The Three Bears. This one is too old, this one is too new, this one is beautiful but too small. So I was mulling about the first house day one was just right. Go to look it up online to relook and it is gone, GONE.. What the heck, I like the house not the reaction my body had but the house had much I wanted. I message our realtor and tell him it is gone, nowhere on line. He contacted their realtor and made inquiries.

A while goes by and we get the word we can still make an offer. That is at 9:30 at night. So in the morning we talk over our conditions. Here are estate-terms to help you understand. The realtor put it in print and we had to electronically sign and then by 10:30 am sent.. The deadline for response was 10:00 pm the same day, just under 12:00 hours. We start to get stir crazy (if you meet us, crazy is not that far of a drop). Long walk at 7:30 or 8:00 pm so I’m watching time tick slowly. 8:45 we get a call (it is our realtor) I’m like hi, he us like well I have some news they turned down your offer. Knowing not to get my heart up, I was like oh ok.. He indicated he was joking and we were a step closer to having a new home. Now you need to know the stress boiler just went wild. We need to give the down payment. So we say we will bring it tomorrow after breakfast. Here is where the boiler gets hot. We have 5 days to get all our stuff online. Hoping nothing goes wrong. Well it is a Sunday so the banks are closed. Post Dated cheque for Tuesday. A day to get in touch with the bank.


All the documents have been emailed and the down payment was ready weeks in advance. As of today we have 2 days to do everything else and remove subjects.. End of the day Tuesday the bank was called to see what was going on. We have more coal tossed in the boiler. We need an appraiser for the house we are buying.. You know the human that gets paid so much for doing almost nothing.. Because it is a rush, we get to pay the extra large rush cost. We are now at the 10th, two days left to make this all happen. We risk losing the house and the down payment. 

We are back in the place formerly known as home till our closing date on September 10. I had my family in to empty the chest freezer. Currently making food for them to use up the frozen food. It is how I cope with major stress, cooking lots of food for others. 

If you are moving, buying, selling or renting in this bonkers market may you find something you enjoy to fill the in between.

Happy week. Sorry I did not get my blog up last week, things were really hectic and we were in and out of cell service, and internet servers.

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