Bidet, not for your legs

Have you ever looked at something and wondered, how does this work? If you have been reading my blog for sometime. You might realize a few things, I’m good at fixing things and getting in some interesting learning curves.

So our new home has a bidet, I know the concept behind the device is to rinse your behind. Hence why I in fun call it a butt wash. Standing in front of the toilet, I started wondering how this works and what the little symbols mean. Having a base idea does not give you the knowledge. Having never used one or seen one besides in a catalog I decided to turn the dial. I was smart I put the lid down thinking it would use the water to spray you after using it to void.

Well! There is water spraying under the seat. To my horror my leggings are getting soaked! In my shock I’m trying to turn off this crazy spraying water. The floor is wet as am I. I am embarrassed. 

I feel the need to tell you about the bathroom itself, it is this weird little converted closet that they turned into a bathroom. When you sit on the toilet you can’t see the symbols, your arms almost touch the walls.  So not a ton of room to move while you’re being accosted by cool water. I did not see the symbols till I took a photo for the blog. 

Me being who I am, I cleaned it up and then proceeded to tell my family. How they don’t bust seams laughing at me is bewildering. 

So If you have a butt wash, aka bidet, my guidance is to sit firmly on the seat before you test out the service. If you have a good system I read you don’t need to use toilet paper and it is more sanitary than wiping with paper.

I hope this week’s blog made you smile. If you have learned something the wrong way feel free to share!

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