Home Barista. Fancy coffees and other beverages at home.

Are you a hot beverage person? Does your coffee keep you from harming others?

I finally unpacked my espresso/beverage maker. So you might want to sit down with a cup of happiness and read through this week’s blog! Drink your beverage and no one gets hurt!

Found this on the internet. I could not find the artist. If you know who’s art this is please let me know I will add the credit.

I have learned to make a good espresso (just the fine ground I used a dark roast), and a latte ( with milk and espresso not foam) still working on the cappuccino (espresso, milk and foam) Wondering the differences between Latte and Cappuccino?

It takes practice to make all the drinks. 

Tools for the beverages

  • Coffee/tea or other beverages
  • Coffee machine or French press
  • Milk or milk substitute
  • Sweetener, simple sugar, non sugar options
  • Measuring spoon
  • Cups
  • A place to store tea and coffee discards
  • Tamper

Working with my homemade Cashew milk has taught me a few things. I need to strain my milk after making it, not like when cooking with it. It seems to separate at the temperature I enjoy my drinks at. I order extra hot when I go out to enjoy beverages, they’re still often too cold. 

I have been trying to learn how to foam the non-dairy milks. I tried a commercial oat milk and my homemade cashew milk. On two different days I made London Fogs with vanilla simple syrup. I love the dark colour of the one I made, the use of one part dark brown sugar and two parts white sugar. The next batch of the syrup I make will use some vanilla beans and infuse the blend. I will also be working on a sugar free syrup. Being able to share nice drinks with my diabetic people and those that are on no sugar lifestyles is very important to me.

Ingredients for my simple syrup, the container with the nib end is my syrup

Some of the tips I learned to make a good espresso is to prewarm the cups and don’t tamp the coffee too hard. It did not work as nicely.

My beverage bar still needs a few things. I need a thermometer, some fancy measuring spoons and a tall spoon to stir in the goodness. 

In the near future I will be making hot beverages with eggnog.

We enjoyed some hot steamed apple juice drinks at the local coffee shop. Mine had house caramel sauce and my partner’s had rooibos tea and whip cream. I forgot to ask for it extra hot. I keep thinking I can make that at home just the way I love it. It will be so fun learning to make all the new drinks.

What drinks do you enjoy at your local coffee place. Do you make any hot beverages at home? If so, how do they differ from what you buy at your local coffee place?

Have a great week and enjoy your hot beverage.

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