Painting An Art Supply Board

My adventures in the new house bring me to creating a crafting room

I had a peg board I was using for my workbench tool storage. At this time I don’t have a workbench so I watched some Youtube videos on how to make your craft room more organized and user friendly. I really want to have a silver and black place to hang my stuff up. I went to the Dollar Tree and found some great silver acrylic paint. 

I normally prime most things before trying to paint them. This time I did not, I think the pegboard is some kind of press board, it just soaked up my acrylic paint. I tried a small roller that was not working. Then I tried a brush. That too was not working. I was giving myself heck for not just taking the time to prime the board. So I sent out my family member to buy some metallic spray paint. Took the board out with large cardboard to spray on and still it misted on to our walking stones. At this point I’m frustrated and it is close to freezing temperatures. So I did my first coat that was not very even because I was getting cold. I left it outside to air out and dry some.

When it was brought in the house it smelled so bad, I didn’t even want to use spray paint. It did get in the holes of the board and covered it. I will need another coat of paint and maybe it will look better. 

If you’re new at crafting then you will do a lot of learning and make handfuls of mistakes. I will take some paint thinner to the walkway and hope I can get the silver paint off. Here is a painting pegboard link, I found this while working on the blog not before the project. I was in to much a squirrel brain to stop and do things right.

Keep learning, keep trying. If you learn new tips, it might be worth writing them down in a journal so you can look back on it. Have a great week. 

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