Pop Pop Fizz Fizz or Soda

Do you enjoy carbonated beverages? What do you call that sweet drink? Pop, soda, something else?


Have you ever wondered where the term came from or what inspired the fizzy beverages?

The term soda came about in around 1767 with carbonated water.  It was carbonated with Co2 otherwise known as carbon dioxide. It was bottled in glass jars closed with a cork.

It was originally made by pharmacists. They had this job due to their experience in chemistry and medicine. Torbern Bergman was a Swedish chemist and mineralogy. He became a professor of Chemistry at the University of Uppsala. You might wonder what Chemistry has to do with carbonated drinks. Carbonic acid dissolved with water becomes CO2, you will see bubbles and hear a fizz sound. Phosphoric Acid, is a chemical that can add sharp flavor and burning sensation when consumed. Most of the acidic flavor comes from this. Caffeine was added due to its stimulant effects.


The word Pop came from a British poet in 1812 because of the sound it made when the cork was pulled out.

Dr Pepper is the oldest American Major soft drink. It was sold in1885 in a corner drugstore in Texas.

1951 and 2018 Photos by Fred Marlar and GH, The Texas Collection, Baylor University

Soft drinks were defined between hard drinks like distilled spirits, liquors and non alcoholic drinks. To help curb the heavier drinking. It was thought to be healthier than hard drinks. 

Depending on where in the world you are from might be what you call your non alcoholic carbonated beverage. In much of the United States it is called Soda, however in some southern states it is called Coke (after the Coca-Cola brand). In some northern states and Canada it is called Pop.

The name Coke is the shortcut of the form of the company that made some of the carbonated drinks Coca-Cola. This company was well known for their dark Caramel-like soda that contained cocaine. In 1894 a bottle contained 3.5 grams of cocaine. The pharmacist used the drug in many medicines so they deemed a small amount in beverages to be safe 

It often amuses me where my blog topics come from. We where talking about soda in my home and before I knew it is was suggested as this weeks topic. If you have a topic that you would like me to cover feel free to share and I will do the research. Take care of yourself as we come up on the holidays. If you need tips for holiday stress. Holiday Self-care has some good tips.

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