Butter fingers

Have you heard the old saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? This has nothing to do with apples or trees. The great likenesses family can have is wild sometimes.
Have you had times when you thought you were going to talk about one thing, then life gets slippery?

I thought this week after not being on my game of inspiring thoughts the last 2 weeks I need to write a good topic. I was like I will share food history or something medical.

This week will reflect how much family can be alike. It was the weekend, this means I don’t need to make breakfast. I love getting to enjoy others making food. Eggs are made and a family member wants toast with the eggs. They got out the stuff to make the toast. It comes time to butter the toast and they drop it face down on the floor. Bummer.. life happens. We move on and enjoy food.

Later on I see the butter in the foil on the counter, thinking to myself I should put that in a container. In the process of moving it to the container and trying to scrape the foil, I turned it the wrong way and the butter slipped out of the foil right on the floor. One family member is watching this all I call for the relative that had their buttered toast fall on the floor, we all shook our heads and started to laugh. What else does one do when life is slippery?

When life gives you butter fingers, I hope you can laugh about it and compost the rest.

I can even find science in falling toast.
The whole almost brand new butter. I cleaned up most before thinking “This could be a blog” My mishaps for your reading pleasure!

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