Basics of unclogging a sink drain plug

Have you thought about how to unclog your bathroom sink drain

In my years of being a housekeeper and living in places with the pull up knob style sink plugs I have learned how to take out the stopper. I also can do the more involved process of disconnecting the pipe. 

We will start with the easier one. 

Things you will need:

  • Some rags
  • Old cleaning toothbrush
  • A dollar store bottle brush
  • Bowl, pot or small bucket (that fits under the sink)
  • Cleaner or liquid soap

Now you are ready, clean out anything under the sink. Put the container under the pipes before doing anything. It will catch any water that is left in the pipe.

They advise you to turn off the water under the sink, I did not. (I thought I will not be putting the water on till I’m finished.)You might need a wrench, I loosened mine with my hand. 

Mine had a little plastic hook that needed to be pulled out after loosening. I thought at first it had a broken piece, but that is just how it was. I pulled the plug out and put it in soapy water and pulled off the big stuff with my gloves and then scrubbed the grunge off with an old toothbrush. Then cleaned the drain with an old dollar store bottle brush. It is a very messy job, gunk flings around. I had to wipe the wall and clean around the sink afterwards. The drains at the house I lived at  before moving into this house never got that bad. I do mine normally a couple times a year. Once everything is clean, put the stopper back down the hole notch forward. Then get under the sink. Mine you had to line the hook up with the notches. It took me a couple of tries to get it lined up with the rubber seal in place and back on. Words to know about your sink and information to help maintain it.

Once that was done I left the bucket in place tested that it was not going to leak by putting on the water. Tried the plug, it was not sliding so I redid the bottom lined up the holes in the up position and put it back together. This time everything worked, no leaks.

Video on the (this is the style I have) plastic quick connect pop up sink drain

Look! All clean! I sanitized my bathroom after and tossed the gunk and gloves away, I was making gross faces as I cleaned mine.

Learning new skills can take time. If you feel like you can do it, give it a try. See if your area has a local home repair classes.

Keep trying and learning.

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