Packing Books

The last while I have been going through books and deciding what to keep and what to donate. Since some don’t know me, telling you I have books does not tell you the extent of my collection. Let me give you a mental idea of the size of my library. We own 3, 7’ by 3’ (35 inches)  wide bookshelves. We also have several other smaller bookshelves around the house. All of these shelves are full. I would say hundreds fit on one shelf. Tips for sorting packing books

One of our shelves some already off and packed

I always said if the bookshelves don’t fit, I’m not moving there.

That is a lot of books, moving that many books can be a pain. I strongly recommend sturdy boxes. This is the size I have used 12-5/8″ x 16-3/8″ x 12-5/8″. The amount of books that fit in this size makes it very heavy. Fill any gaps with crumpled up paper.  

Some of the photo logs

The best way to know what books are where is to do a photo log of the books packed in the box. Because We have 3 shelves and a number of small shelves I put the shelf number and the book unit number, this will help to make sure when I put them back they go on the right shelves. 

Marked boxes

I also put tape over the holes the shelf pegs go into when I look at the back much easier.  I wrote the shelf number and the unit number on painter’s tape. Then all the hardware I put in a ziplock bag and tape it to the unit before wrapping the unit to move.

Lifting boxes or anything heavy, with your knees hip width apart, bent, put your bottom back without your knees way forward and lift with your legs. and back straight. Hold the box into your body to help reduce the strain on the body and back. I’m not sure how much all the books weighed but wow what a workout! 

A couple years back when we had a flood. that is the three shelves and our books

What books do you love, have you had to pack before? How did you decide what books to give away?

Little Libraries

Have you ever passed a homemade casing with books and wondered “why is there books in there out on the street?” Well someone had put up a little Free library. This project has grabbed my attention for years. It makes my heart happy, I love to read, and sharing. If I was in an area that I could put up my own Little Free library I would do it in a heartbeat.

They where started officially in 2009 by Todd H Bol in Wisconsin. His inspiring project ended up in 88 countries Mr. Bol lived to be 62

I saw my first little library on a trip to the USA. We traveled about two hours south of the Canadian border. I insisted we pull over and see this little house on the side of the road filled with books. I was so excited I took a photo. Not sure where that photo is at this time. It was just so cool!

It took me seeing a few more years later to look it up to see what it was all about. I’m not sure that I myself have taken a book but of how I would love too. 

If you would like to find one in your area, type into your web browser “Little Free Libraries” (with your areas name)


Some of the things I love about the little libraries is that anyone can take or leave a book. If someone has no affixed address sometimes they can’t obtain a public library card. If people are like myself and take a long time reading the book there is no time limit, no renewing the book or contending with fines or late fees. Some families don’t live near a public library or have extra money to share books. 

I read about a person in their 40’s learning to read and being inspired by a little free library 

If you ever are inspired to do a Little Free library in your area please learn about your bylaws. If you need some ideas on making there is a lot of good resources on the Little free library web page under the build tab

Here are some blueprints and step by step instructions  

As I was reading about what it takes to be part of this amazing project I learned that in my own country that more people have been getting involved during covid. Not in my area but on Vancouver Island in greater Victoria in Jan 2021 are 400 recorded little free libraries

Could not find the exact link it was somewhere on

If you are in to a traditional look or a geek of sorts. If you are creative or someone that loves books Little Free Libraries could be in your area with a little planning. I would love to read if you have a favorite book have seen or build a little library.