Packing Books

The last while I have been going through books and deciding what to keep and what to donate. Since some don’t know me, telling you I have books does not tell you the extent of my collection. Let me give you a mental idea of the size of my library. We own 3, 7’ by 3’ (35 inches)  wide bookshelves. We also have several other smaller bookshelves around the house. All of these shelves are full. I would say hundreds fit on one shelf. Tips for sorting packing books

One of our shelves some already off and packed

I always said if the bookshelves don’t fit, I’m not moving there.

That is a lot of books, moving that many books can be a pain. I strongly recommend sturdy boxes. This is the size I have used 12-5/8″ x 16-3/8″ x 12-5/8″. The amount of books that fit in this size makes it very heavy. Fill any gaps with crumpled up paper.  

Some of the photo logs

The best way to know what books are where is to do a photo log of the books packed in the box. Because We have 3 shelves and a number of small shelves I put the shelf number and the book unit number, this will help to make sure when I put them back they go on the right shelves. 

Marked boxes

I also put tape over the holes the shelf pegs go into when I look at the back much easier.  I wrote the shelf number and the unit number on painter’s tape. Then all the hardware I put in a ziplock bag and tape it to the unit before wrapping the unit to move.

Lifting boxes or anything heavy, with your knees hip width apart, bent, put your bottom back without your knees way forward and lift with your legs. and back straight. Hold the box into your body to help reduce the strain on the body and back. I’m not sure how much all the books weighed but wow what a workout! 

A couple years back when we had a flood. that is the three shelves and our books

What books do you love, have you had to pack before? How did you decide what books to give away?

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