Voted at the polling station

To answer the questions I had in my post “Voting time again.”

Here is what the pandemic process looked like. I was met by the first volunteer who asked if I had ID, I had my voter’s card and driver’s license. I was directed to the first area. I was asked to hold up my voter’s card, they did a barcode scan through plexiglass, asked to hold up my ID my information was matched with a database on the computer. I was then asked to read a declaration verifying I’m meeting the legal requirement to vote in my province.

Then tore out the ballet from the book she handed it to me, said “Go behind me and mark your ballot bring it back to me and I will give you instructions on the next step.” I brought my own writing tool. If you did not have one there were pencils marked clean and used as well as hand sanitizer behind the cardboard and other areas of the polling station.

Made my X and then took it back to the human, She said “Tear off the small part at the end, put in  the brown paper bag taped to the table and put your ballet in the box.” I did, then as I was going out I was able to put my voters card in a box with a slot and it was marked we will recycle that for you.

Went to my vehicle, took off my mask now feeling happy voting was finely done. Time to sit back with tea and continue to feel good that I had the right to vote. Hope your voting experience works out for you.

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