Covid-19 dooms

We all have been living different levels of doom with looming pandemic. 

Some people are wearing masks others choose not too.

This entry is to know we are in this together and many of us have had emotions linked to this pandemic. We miss living the way we did before this pandemic started. Heavy hearted topics like being away from friends, family, fun things being canceled. Thinking about what is right for us and the people we share the world with. All the safety measures don’t prevent our minds from thinking.

Normal health things people might not think much about such as allergies the common cold now weigh in the minds of many. What if I cough in public? I had a vision of a scene from The movie Monster’s Inc, the part where a childs sock is found on the back of a monster. It is a code “23 -19” For me this is comical. I said to my family and close friends, if they sneezed or couched. This is a 23-19, the task squad will come out shave you and put you in a steriliser.

Fears like should we go back to work what will we do if we go to work. At the beginning, some struggled with going to do basics like going to the market. There are further fears since mid-summer, taking transit and sending people back to school and jobs.

Now we are 7 months into the lockdown to only essential services between the borders of Canada and the USA. Many of us have been affected by travel restrictions. Frustrations of not being able to see loved ones, hang out with friends or just take what I use to call a mini vacation in the USA. 

I have had people wanting me to fly across the border, sadly that is way too hard  for me to think about. The risk of going from an airport to a hotel just feels like too many interactions of potential exposure.

There are people that want the covid test. Others that feel they will not need the test and the last batch that have had to get the test. Getting the test holds a stigma for many. From the, “what if I have it, what if I was with people and exposed them to this virus.”  The very stress of having decided if you share with anyone outside your home that you yourself or someone in your living space might be walking around with this scary virus.

The doom of being confined to your home for 24 hours to 5 days, pending how long it takes to get the test results back. Thinking about what I will do, how will I cope? What if I’m sick. The nice thing we have in BC is If you are signed up for this you can get most of your lab test results online. I use this service for all my routine lab work.

If you want you can sign up to receive a third party test from CDC (Center Disease Control) 

The last option is to wait for a phone call for the health authorities. 

Here is how to deal with getting tested in BC, this page has many helpful resources on covid topics.

One of the blogs I’m enjoying talks about the science and facts of covid 

Please feel free to share where you are at with the pandemic. Wherever you are at, I hope you’re okay. Here is an amazing song my friend shared on social media today, brought tears of blessings to my eyes.

Talking about Covid -19 seems like the topic of doom!

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