Mighty Pumpkin Massacre

At the ending of October, we are seeing the remains of pumpkins that shed their souls for yet another of the early fall rituals.

No matter what your pumpkin was slain for, it served it’s time on this earth. 

Some of you may have made carved creations. Showing the light within the great pumpkin. Here is a little history on Jack O Lanterns.

Others made savory dishes soups and stews. Your home is filled with new energy from the lost soul of the pumpkin. This is a soup I like I put in a bit of chili powder and leave out the cinnamon. https://nourisheveryday.com/coconut-ginger-pumpkin-soup/

I spent November 2  piercing the tops of 4 pumpkins, clawing out the insides and baking them whole, it took about 2 hours to cook them so I could ready them for their cold slumber in the freezer. At the finish had 19 ziplock bags that equaled 39 cups of  pureed pumpkin. 

What does one do with that much pumpkin? It makes great muffins and other baked things. I had been thinking I would dehydrate some of the pureed pumpkin, sadly there is not enough to try that this year. We have one pumpkin left. I’m going to make my old family recipe a batch of pumpkin pickles. My grandpa and I used to make the pickles. Before my grandma left the earth, she would can many lovely things.

We have made it for our senior dog who turned 16 on October 19, 2020. He has had some changing health and can only handle low fat foods. So we processed the pumpkins for winter. He gets that, cooked Turkey and probiotic yogurt. We were greatly blessed, our local market was giving the pumpkins away on Nov 1. So we nabbed 5 of them.

The last tasty thing I did was make roasted chilli lime sprouted seeds. Don’t do the last recommended step of putting them under the broiler. Mine are a bit blackened, that is my nice way to say in less than 2 mins there was smoke filling my home and they were slightly burnt, the windows are now open and the seeds were rescued from their smoky hideaway.

After rinsing my seeds I let them sprout 2 days in the oven then used chili lime salt that I buy from Trader Joe’s. I also added some hot paprika to mine. When I make a recipe I use many things from different recipes. Somehow I recall something about a few mins under the broiler. I looked over my sources and don’t see it now. My guidance is just forget that I typed anything about the broiler!

For now this is the end. Please share what you have done with your pumpkins.

Till I type again. 

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